The AstroPod February 2009

Coming up in this month's episode: We are very pleased to announce a special AstroPod interview with Dr Don Pollacco from Queen's University Belfast about the Super Wide Angle Search for Planets. He explains how their dedicated telescopes scour the skies for extrasolar planets and talks about the future plans for the survey. It's the International Year of Astronomy! Anna tells us all about the astronomer who made 2009 a very special year for astronomy. Listen to the history section to find out more! Dark Matter: The Poetry of Space - a special outreach event at the IoA on Thursday 5th February 2009 - listen in for more details! We also welcome a new crew member, Alex Calverley, who will be giving us the latest info on what's up in the sky at night. Sit back, enjoy and don't forget you can find more info on our website, just click the link in iTunes!

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