The AstroPod September 2009

Welcome to the September edition of the AstroPod! We're a little later than usual this month as we've been on our summer holidays but we're back a ready to deliver the astronomy goodness that you've been craving! This month, we interview Dr Jay Farihi Leceister from University, who explains to us how recent findings of debris disks around the dying remnants of stars like our Sun may hold the key to the fate of the solar system. Anna delves into the past exchanges between astronomers researching white dwarfs stars and how disagreements may have held back the field for many years. Laura keeps us up-to-date with the AstroNews, Alex gives some tops tips for observing this month and Michelle brings us more astro comedy gold! Sit back, enjoy and don't forget you can find more info on our website at http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/astropod

You will need an audio player plugin for your browser to listen to this episode. If you do not have one, you may download the episode using the link below.